Welcome to the Electronic Information System (EIS) by ASTAR Info, LLC

Map of USANeed to quickly lookup a tax rate or find a reg fee when our office is closed? By utilizing the invaluable feedback and comments of our clients, we have been able to develop this service to meet the challenges you face each day. We are confident that you will agree that our service will help you to more effectively meet your customers’ needs in a timely and accurate manner.

Our service provides you with fast, convenient access to the information that you need to better serve your customers, especially in the finance office. A subscription to our online service will provide you with a wealth of easily accessible information. You’ll be able to access updated tax, title, registration, and leasing information for all 50 states. One of the greatest benefits of our online service is that you can access the information you need quickly to process and finalize a deal outside of our normal business hours. Our easy to use snapshot design allows you to quickly find the information you need while your customer is still at the dealership.

Our online service is being offered as an enhancement to the other services we currently offer. There is, after all, no replacement for our one-on-one service. We encourage and appreciate the continued use of the faxed Vehicle Information Sheets during our normal office hours, at which time we are available to answer any questions that may arise. Get the most out of your account by adding a subscription to the ASTAR Electronic Information System (EIS). Apply online today.


* The subscription mentioned above is for STATIC INFORMATION ONLY. If you would like to submit a quote request, you must register at ASTARINFO.COM. To find out more about signing up as well as answers to frequently asked questions, visit our new page at JupiterTag.com/astarinfo.

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