Estimated DMV Processing Times


Our goal has always been to provide every client with quality service and an expedited processing time. While this continues to be our goal, the current environment that we operate in requires adjusting our expectations while we continue to work diligently to resolve the obstacles hindering timely tag and title processing across the entire industry.

The events of this year including the continuing pandemic, natural disasters, inclement weather, and other unforeseen circumstances have affected everyone. This includes the multitude of agencies, services, and vendors that we work with to process these transactions for your customers. This has not only resulted in extended processing times but has also increased the time it takes for us to get the answers that we need to prepare your customer’s paperwork to be submitted for completion.

We understand that you’re likely receiving a number of phone calls from anxious customers wanting to know when they can expect to have their completed plates and registration. Processing times will vary widely depending on the state, county, municipality, and even the particular circumstances regarding each individual deal. However, below you will find an estimation of the current processing time of each state’s DMV.

Please know that our dedicated staff are doing all that we can to complete your customer’s work as efficiently, accurately, and expeditiously as possible. We are working each day to better understand and resolve all the factors prohibiting us from delivering your completed work in a predictable and timely manner. We have learned that within our industry we are not alone. Our competitors are all facing the same uncertainties and unavoidable delays. We ask for your patience while we work to find new ways to offer more predictability in our future. It is our hope that we will be able to lead our industry in finding ways to meet the current challenges while we continue to offer the very best service in the tag and title business.

AK 4 to 6
AL Subject to Customer Appointment
AR 9 to 10
AZ 4 to 6
CA 3 to 4
CO 5 to 9
CT 5 to 7
DC 8+
DE 6 to 8
FL 1 to 2
GA 9 to 10
HI 11+
IA 5 +
ID 6 to 8
IL 2 to 4
IN 3 to 5
KS 6 to 8
KY 8+
LA 3 to 4
MA 2 to 3
MD 4+
ME 7 to 8
MI 7+
MN 4 to 6
MO 5+
MS Subject to Customer Appointment
MT 4+
NC 4 to 6
ND 5+
NE 5 to 8
NH 5 to 6
NJ 6+
NM 4 to 6
NV 6+
NY 5+
OH 5+
OK 3 to 5
OR 10+
PA 3 to 4
RI 2 to 3
SC 5 to 8
SD 4 to 6
TN 4 to 10+ depending on county
TX 4 to 12+ depending on county
UT 4 to 6
VA 3+
VT 4 to 7
WA 3 to 6
WI 3+
WV 8+
WY 7 to 9

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